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Oxford English is to be used in this Wiki, as it is the style used by the World Health Organization (WHO). Medical jargon (rather use plain English terms) must not be used, unless they are explained in their own page on this Wiki in plain English. No contractions are to be used (that is, no that's, that'd, it's, there's, etc.). Formal language is to be used, 'doctors' is replaced by 'physicians' on etymological (that is, word origins) grounds. As doctor means teacher in the original Latin.

Oxford EnglishEdit

-ize and its derivativesEdit

Parts of this style include the utilization of the letter z in the suffix “-ize”, “-ization”, “-ized”, etc. OED favours these suffixes as they are more historical, as in case one did not know English originated from early European languages like Ancient Greek and Latin, both of which include suffixes to their words from which we obtained –ize and related suffixes. In their words they used letters that most closely resemble our z, hence why OED suggests we use z in these suffixes.

Fetal and fetusEdit

Likewise the word fetus or fetal is spelt without an o. One may wish to note that even though the Macquarie dictionary (which is generally considered to be the authoritative text when it comes to the spelling conventions of Australian English) spells fetus and fetal with an o, that is, foetus and foetal, respectively, virtually every current medical textbook or website with any authority (like the Better Health Channel) written by Australians will utilize the spelling of fetus and fetal without an o, just like we do in this Wiki. Otherwise the spelling in this Wiki is generally consistent with the standard used in British English-speaking countries, like Australia.


When it comes to titles capitalize only the proper nouns and the first letter, as per this manual of style on Wikipedia.



See /Drugs.


See /Diseases.


References must be high-quality secondary sources, especially static secondary sources (like review articles or textbooks), except on occasion where a primary source like a clinical trial or in vitro or in vivo data may be of value (like for instance when a topic is not studied enough for any static secondary sources to be available). Martindale and Medscape Reference are also acceptable sources. For example for desipramine a primary source on its use in the treatment of ADHD was acceptable.

There are three citation templates for use on this Wiki: {{cite book}}, {{cite journal}} and {{cite web}}. All of which utilize the same referencing style as the in-built referencing style of Wikipedia.


See /Templates.

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