Photo showing a zoomed-up look at the pixels found within a raster image.

Raster graphics, also called bitmap graphics, are graphics (i.e., images) that are stored and displayed as an array of pixels (squares with a fixed constant colour). There are three major types of raster graphics: uncompressed, lossy compressed and lossless compressed. These three varieties all have different file sizes for a given image and image quality. Uncompressed images have a large size for a high-quality image as there is no compression which is designed to reduce file size. They include the BMP format, which is not supported by this Wiki. Lossy compressed images have a lower file size and lower quality for a given image than both uncompressed and lossless compressed images. Examples of these file formats include: JPG and most types of TIFF filesLossless compressed images are compressed, hence have lower file sizes yet have no visual loss of quality. Examples include PNG and for simpler files GIF

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