set ray_opaque_background, 0 # This line sets the background as transparent but is only active if r = 1 as it requires POV-Ray
# Setting up variables
w = 4000 # Width in px of snapshots. Feel free to customize according to your liking. 
h = 2325 # Height, in px, of snapshots.
d = 500 # dots per inch (DPI) of snapshots. Higher this, higher the resolution. 
r = 1 # 0 or 1 are allowable values: 0 means POV-Ray isn't used; 1 means that POV-Ray is used. 
png C:\Path\PyMOL movie\Image0001.png, width = w, height = h, dpi=d, ray=r # This line captures the first PNG file. 
# The following lines are a loop taking the remaining shots
for i in range(2,n+1):
    cmd.rotate('y', 360/n) # 360/n is an expression designed to determine the angle required between frames and is based on the assumption you want a full 360 
# degree rotation
    cmd.png(r"C:\Path\PyMOL movie\Image{:04d}.png".format(i), width=w, height=h, dpi=d, ray=r) # This line actually takes each capture and names it according to 
# its capture number. 
python end

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