PyMOL scripts are scripts that can be opened and ran in PyMOL. They are usually in one of two file formats: .pml or .py, where the latter is the general python script extension. They can be made in a variety of different text editors, including SciTE.

Several .pml scripts can be found in subpages of this one. To see a list of these subpages see Special:PrefixIndex/PyMOL/Scripts/. General notes for these codes include that C:\Path can be replaced by wherever you wish to save your PyMOL snapshots and that in order to get these scripts on your PC, open your text editor; select the code on these pages, copy (Ctrl+C on Windows Operating Systems) and paste (Ctrl+V) into said editor. Save the resulting file and give it the corresponding file extension it had on this Wiki (usually .pml or .py) by adding said file extension to the name of this new file.

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