MarvinSketch is a fully functional free software (although there are certain functions that require a paid subscription) for drawing 2D and 3D chemical structures. It is a part of the Marvin Drawing Suite. Although it is available for free a free login is required to download it. It can export to SVG, PNG, JPG, BMP, and numerous other picture formats. It can also export structures to a variety of file formats including:

  • ChemAxon Marvin Document (.mrv)
  • Chemical Markup Language (.cml)
  • MDL Molfile (.mol) including in its extended format
  • MDL RDfile (.rdf)
  • MDL SDfile (.sdf)
  • Protein Data Bank (.pdb)
  • XYZ coordinates (.xyz)

and numerous others. Structures available on this Wiki that are created using MarvinSketch conform to this style guide.

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