Frequency of side effects are usually divided into six major groups:

  • Very common or very frequent, which occur in ≥10% of those treated with the drug.
  • Common or frequent, which occur in 1-10% of those treated with the drug; although, some texts merge common and very common and name it simply, common or frequent.
  • Uncommon or infrequent, which occur in 0.1-1% of those treated with the drug.
  • Rare, which occur in 0.01-0.1% of those treated with the drug, sometime rare and very rare are merged and called merely, rare.
  • Very rare, which occur in <0.01% of those treated with the drug.
  • Unknown frequency side effects, this is usually because of methodological (that is, how they are performed) limitations of the clinical trials that investigated the tolerability of the drug in question.

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