Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) are software that is freely licensed for anyone to use, copy, study and change the software in anyway.

FOSS licensesEdit

FOSS licenses (FOSSL) are legal licenses that can be applied to FOSS. FOSSL can be further classified according to whether they are Copyleft or Permissive. Copyleft software are those licensed such that all software derived, therefrom, legally, must be released under the same FOSSL; permissive licenses are those such that those that edit the software can (but are not required to, that is, they can keep the original license if they wish) release it under a different license. 

Abbrev. Full name Permissive? Example software[1] Link
AGPL Affero General Public License No Web-based, e.g., Launchpad and POV-Ray. Link
AL Apache License Yes Apache OpenOffice Link
BSD BSD License Yes FreeBSD, NumPy, SciPy Link
CeCILL CeCILL No Scilab Link
GPL GNU General Public License No GNU OctaveInkscape, Linux, MediaWiki, NeoOffice and Scribus. Link
LGPL GNU Lesser General Public License No 7-ZipLibreOffice and VLC media player Link
MITL MIT License Yes Banshee, Lua programming language, Pinta, etc. Link
MPL Mozilla Public License No Mozilla Firefox, Firefox OS, Mozilla Thunderbird Link
PHPL PHP License Yes PHP programming language Link
PD Public Domain Yes EPANET, Epi Info, LaTeXML N/A
PSFL Python Software Foundation License Yes PyMOL, Python Link
W3CSNL W3C Software Notice and License Yes Amaya Link
  1. Note that some software may have multiple different licenses applicable to different segments of their source code

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